Healthcare Transformation Services

Today, consumers have started developing a better understanding of health care and with rising inflation in medical industry, there is a need for health organizations to develop new business models that will be effective and efficient and appeal to consumers, and succeed over the long term? How can we learn from other industries and involve customers to deliver a winning experience? Forming a Healthcare Transformation Services business was a direct response to the complexities of care delivery everywhere. Our expertise in data analytics, clinical workflow, healthcare environment design and other areas will support you in improving patient outcomes, delivering better value, expanding access to care and, ultimately, in creating the future of healthcare. 

Business transformation

MMI helps clients across the healthcare field to keep pace with the current challenges of healthcare. Our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professional services offers you access to competitive intelligence, perspectives on leading practices, and analysis of trends affecting health-related industries. We provide health organisations with professional guidance not just on healthcare issues in their local markets but also on operating in global markets, developing a broad mix of service lines that may include foods, manufactured goods, mobile communication devices, and information systems. We have a proven track record in working with clients to improve operational performance in many functional areas such as Facility layout and Designs, Design and mapping of supply chains management, Business Process Analysis; Quality Management; Corporate Social Investment.

Clinical management

The MMI offers comprehensive clinical services in Emergency Departments of various hospitals through Dr Mutshekwane Inc. Our dedicated team of medical doctors are able to offer high quality emergency care services in any situations including natural and man-made disasters.


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