ViruSol, a Walkthrough Sanitizer available in South Africa

ViruSol, a Walkthrough Sanitizer available in South Africa: ViruSol is a joint venture between Mutsh Medical International (Pty) Ltd and Bendet Projects (Pty) Ltd. Our organisation has brought together two long established companies in the field of medical technology and plant booth engineering technology. We are proudly level 1-B-BBEE owned and managed by professional females in the fields of medicine, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic threatening the health and safety of persons and our environment. Person to person transmission is preventable with efficient application of sanitizing practices. Our call to action is to bring the best of breed capabilities to address this global societal challenge. We took on a challenge to develop a bespoke solution to help prevent the spread of the virus in the form of sanitizing spray technology for both residential and corporate/industrial markets.

The ViruSol Product

We offer disinfectant booths for medium to high traffic areas designed to be:

  • Very cost efficient in sanitizer utilisation
  • Effective in targeting the virus/fungi/bacteria attached to persons from head to toe ➢ Low in maintenance
  • Aesthetically appealing to complement high value corporate brands


Our solution is designed to help eradicate viruses that may be attached to persons or objects prior to entering an area of a building or vehicle where there is space limitation to maintain social distancing. Our sensor automated system dispenses sanitizer covering the whole-body structure in 5 key points from head to toe in 5 seconds.


The Virusol product is applicable across a range of industries including Schools, Retail Shops, Offices, Hospitals, Public Areas, Industrial Units, Factories, Warehouses, Public Transport Services and more. Our solution is targeted in any area where there are people likely to gather in groups of 2 or more and exposed to close proximity touch.

Our Value Proposition

Our solution is automated, mobile, cost effective, and designed to be self-funding with ample space for branding and advertising on both sides of the booth.

Scale & Capacity

Our manufacturing capacity is built for scale. We currently have capacity to produce up to 250 units per month with lead times of between 2 – 7 days ex works from our factory in Heidelberg.

Product Specifications

We currently manufacture two types of products:

Vs1: Designed for lighter traffic commercial areas

R29,400.00 ex VAT Branding Optional Extra

Typical use: Commercial & Industrial

  • Workshops
  • Office Areas
    Technical Specification Polycarbonate:
  • Plug and Play – No installation Required
  • 220V powered – Control panel
  • 0.37kW pump
  • 5 nozzle arrangement
  • 12 people per minute @ 30 ml/person
  • 25 litre sanitizer tank (Empty container)
  • Continuous and Sensor selectable
  • Flat Pack units available – easily transportable
  • Booth dimensions: 0.925 m x 1m x 2,2 m
  • Construction:
    • ❖  Stainless steel frame
    • ❖  Stainless Steel catch pan
    • ❖  Stainless Steel equipment cover
    • ❖  GRP non slip grating
    • ❖  Polycarbonate & chromadek panels Warranty: 1 Month Pump Manufacturer’s Warranty Payment Terms:
      80% on order
      20% on delivery Lead Time: 5-7 working days Delivery: Ex Works Approximate Weight: 50kg

Vs.2: Designed for heavier traffic industrial areas

R34,900.00 ex VAT Branding Optional Extra

Typical use: Industrial

  • Factories, Businesses, Workshops
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Schools Technical Specification – Polyurethane
  • Plug and Play – No installation Required
  • 220V powered – Control panel
  • 0.37kW pump
  • 4 nozzle arrangement
  • 12 people per minute @ 25 ml/person
  • 25 litre sanitizer tank (Empty container)
  • Continuous and Sensor selectable
  • Booth dimensions:1,17m x 1,17m x 2,48m
  • Construction: ❖ Stainless Steel frame
    ❖ Stainless Steel catch pan
    ❖ Stainless Steel Equipment Cover ❖ GRP non slip grating
    ❖ Polyurethane panels 40mm Warranty: 1 Month Pump Manufacturer’s Warranty Payment Terms:
    80% on order
    20% on delivery Lead Time: 5-7 working days Delivery: Ex works Approximate Weight: 95kg

Quality Assurance Policy

Our organization assures quality compliance through our documented quality management system, which is based on the ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System standard and adheres to the following key principles:

  • understand current and future customer needs and expectations for quality, cost and delivery
  • continuously monitor customer satisfaction and respond quickly to customer concerns
  • ▪establish mutually beneficial, supplier-customer partnerships
  • involve the customer early in defining requirements for joint development and improvement of products, processes and systems
  • demonstrate leadership through vision, direction and shared values
  • set challenging targets and goals, and implement strategies to achieve them
  • coach, facilitate and empower our employees
  • encourage personal ownership of the company mission and corporate goals by building on employee knowledge and experience through training and involvement in operating decisions and process improvement
  • clearly identify internal/external customers and suppliers of our processes
  • focus on the effective use of people, equipment, methods, and materials
  • identify the interrelated processes in any system and aligning those processes with the company goals and customer expectations
  • measure system-wide results against key objectives
  • Focus on continuous improvement – maximizing productivity, minimizing rework and waste, and reducing cost by making decisions and taking action based on analyses of data.

Health Technology Management

Health technology solutions have the potential to save lives. However, too many people worldwide suffer due to lack of access to appropriate health care technologies. Health technologies require maintenance, repair, user training and decommissioning all of which can be provided for by our team as part of our after sales service. In addition to booths, we offer a range of other health and health related services and technologies for a variety of customers. We have a professional team of certified engineers as well Doctors to meet the needs of demanding medical facility environments. Our goal is to offer excellent service at competitive rates through complete life cycle management.

Health Technology Assessment

When the need arises, our team will conduct a needs assessment of the current state of your facility to guide and recommend the choice of appropriate technologies that best suit your organization’s needs.

Preventive Maintenance

We help by managing the preventive maintenance of the technologies that we offer . We will set up the schedules and allow you to focus on your core business.

After Sales Support and Service

▪ We offer a wide range of after sales and maintenance plans.
▪ We can provide a maintenance contract for on an annual basis.
▪ We have mobile units that can attend to breakdowns if needed.
▪ 1 Month pump manufacturing’s warranty is given out with all our sanitizing booths

About Bendet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Bendet Projects was formed out of Bendet Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd to drive innovation and technology in engineering services. The parent company, Bendet Engineering Services has been in operation for 30 years specializing in paint-finishing equipment, including cleaning plants, spray booths, air-supply units, industrial bake ovens, coolers, electro-dip plants, conveyors, associated robotics, handling equipment and controls. Services include refurbishment of equipment, relocating plants and equipment.

Bendet Projects handles all new specialised development, design and projects. With electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers on board, we offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

We have several association agreements and offer the full spectrum of refinishing equipment including feasibility studies, design and manufacturing of cost-effective systems, re-location of plants and equipment, technical back-up, maintenance and after sales service

About MMI

Mutsh Medical International

Mutsh Medical International is a South African based , female owned, level 1 BBBEE company which offers Health Technology Management Services to both private & public healthcare sectors across Africa. Conceptualised in 2005, our services include Innovation in Health and Health-related technologies, consulting services in Health Technology Assessments (HTA) as well as Change Management services during the deployment of e-Health & m-Health platforms. Our team is comprised of Doctors, Nurses and Biomedical Engineers with a compelling objective of delivering value across the healthcare value chain.